Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hollow Legs

Just this morning Jason ate a breakfast of cereal around 8 o'clock. 9 o'clock saw a banana disappear. 10'clock brought a "I want food!" statement followed by a "You just ate. You can wait for lunch." reply.

I dread to see what our grocery bill will look like when we have 4 teenage boys to feed. Already they will go through a whole 1lb package of spaghetti noodles in one meal...alone...just the four of them, without Caleb or I helping!

We went to friend's for dinner last night. It was kind of funny...I could tell she wasn't used to cooking for a gaggle of growing boys. The potato dish had about as many potatoes as I would make just for Caleb by himself. :) Luckily the boys were so excited about playing they didn't mind so much when the food ran out after they received regular toddler sized portions. Haha.

Caleb, however, made himself two sandwiches when we got home to satisfy his own hollow legs.


Melissa said...

LOL, we go through the same thing at our house. My kids can eat more then me at one sitting!

Katina said...

Hahaha! My boys eat like crazy too! I can't imagine four! It makes me so happy that they love my cooking so much....usually!

My "baby", 2 year old, eats three bananas at a time. I think we eat about six bunches a week and we would eat more except that I only grocery shop once a week! :)

Ellen said...

Forget about the food, I like the cute lil tushie!!!,lol The boys are so cute and getting so big.

How Did We Get Here said...

AH! Nothing like growing boys to feed! Our boys are 14,11,10 Josiah is 19 and Meg 16 and our food GOES! All I can advise: PROTEIN! FRUIT! It is what keeps them full even when they think they are starving! We can easily go through 10 pork chops, a pound+ of noodles, salad with fixin's, another veggie, bread, drinks.....oy! That reminds me, I need to go shopping!
Do they have Barilla Plus Pasta in Wales? Absolutely amazing stuff! Made from all manner of good things...quinoa, legumes, barley,17g protein! FULL of fiber, etc. Super filling. And the BEST thing is, it tastes so much like regular pasta, no one here can tell the diff! WAY better than whole wheat but it still has wheat in it. Just a thought :0).

Dana said...

I know exactly what you mean. My boys are bottomless pits! I cannot even believe how much they eat. We spend AT LEAST $100 a month on food alone and that's with sales and coupons!