Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our Story, Part 2

Part 1

If I were to choose one word to describe our first meeting and the 3 days that followed it would be...awkward.

In Jeremy's apartment after a dress fitting. Me, standing by the door wishing I could melt into the wood. Caleb sitting on the couch. Five other people in the room watching. I think I mumbled a "Hi", but no more than that.

Following the initial encounter, a lunch at Wendy's with Caleb, his parents and Jeremy ...awkward.

Both of us in the wedding and so kindly paired together and then embarrassed at the reception with being announced as two people looking to wed and the pastor doing 2 for 1 discounts on weddings. ( Not exact words, but general gist.) ...awkward again.

All in all I don't think there was more then a dozen sentences said between us. It was a rough beginning. At some point Caleb was talking to a couple of the other bridesmaids and made a general invitation to visit Wales. I was included in this sweeping hospitality.

As I was leaving the reception I apologized to him for his brother's and my friend's pushiness (Love you guys!) and walked out thinking that was the end of it. I'd never see him again.

Trying to locate my parents I find my mom talking to his mom. An invitation to Sunday lunch at my parent's house the following day is given and accepted. I would see Caleb again...I was thrilled, but surprised they would travel 3 hours just for lunch.

I don't remember the meal or what was talked about over the table. What I do remember is that after the church service that night Caleb and I went outside and walked around the parking lot together... and talked. It was our first conversation without prying eyes and well-meaning pushy friends. It was awesome. We were beginning to click.

From there I accepted his invitation to visit him in Wales. I went for 1 month. The first two weeks we walked and talked as friends. The second two weeks we walked and talked as an engaged couple.

Jeremy and Ellen played the earthly part in setting us up, but I know ultimately God was our matchmaker. He brought us together from different backgrounds, different states and then even different countries. Never in my wildest dreams could I have planned such a beginning.

Caleb, his nephew Matthew and Dawn


Wendy said...

What a wonderful story and not too unlike my own, except for we weren't in two different countries.

Melissa said...

What a beautiful part 2.
God is so good!

Ellen said...

I'm so glad I could be a part of it,lol I love you girl. Remember I tried setting you up with my brother? I was gonna have you as my sister one way or the other.

Stephanie said...

What a neat story!