Friday, October 10, 2008

Keeping it Real

I've been tagged by Abbi. For this tag you have to post photos of the following 10 "real life" primping, prepping, or picking up.

1. my fridge - Shopping is done Sunday afternoon so this is a bit on the bare side. The only unusual thing may be the 3 different kinds of milk...goat, rice and regular. Most of those cartons are pineapple juice. The size, of course, is a lot smaller then a fridge you'd find in the States. The bottom half is the freezer.

2. a closet
- This is the only closet in the house...not very impressive. But I'm glad to have a place to hide all the boys' jackets.

3. the kitchen sink - Needs a good scrubbing. The red on the cloth and in the sink is not blood. Twas Jason. Before Caleb or I were awake this morning he got a stool and climbed onto the counter and somehow reached the top shelf, which is where we hide the food coloring since last time he got into it. Well, he took all 7 bottles down and I'm sure you know what happened next. First thing Caleb did after rolling out of bed this morning was carpet cleaning. When is Jason going to outgrow this stuff!?!

4. a toilet - This is the downstairs toilet that is not used much in the winter months because the room is not heated and gets a bit frigid. No, we did not run out of toilet paper. There is never any on the holder because it is kept high out of reach of little hands.

5. my favorite shoes - Disgraceful, I know, but these are so comfortable for pregnant feet. I never have to worry about swelling, because they always fit. :) I wear them all the time.

6. my favorite room
- This is our drying room. We keep a dehumidifier going in here constantly so it is always nice and warm and dry. It's the only room in the house that locks. :) Jason broke the door knob. So after shutting the door you can pull the door knob out or the door and nobody can get in. So if I need a few minutes alone here you'll find me...sitting on the floor in this warm, dry room with the door knob sitting next to me. :)

7. what my kids are doing right now
- Sleeping. Jason on the top. Paul and Seth on the bottom. We have found that the only way to keep Paul in a bed is if he is sharing with someone. Otherwise, he prefers the floor. (Notice Paul's artwork on the wall...that is just a small sample.)

And Morgan sleeping in his crib in our room.

8. the laundry pile - Which was much bigger this morning, but I washed 3 loads today. :)

9. a self-portrait - I wasn't going to do this one. If there is one thing this pregnancy has done for me it is to turn me into an adolescent recluse. I hide...don't go out unless I have to and never leave the house without wearing my bump disguising coat. And my normally clear skin is less than satisfactory. "I don't want to go. I don't want to see anyone." is the mantra of this pregnancy. Sad, I know. Anyway, I thought I'd try for a picture and this is one I could tolerate.

10. my dream vacation
- Would be something along the lines of this...for two. I would have to leave the kiddos behind. As much as I enjoy being woken up 4-5 times a night, I think for my dream vacation I'd have to make do without that pleasure.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free to tag yourself. Just let me know if you do cuz I wanna see. :)


Dear Abbi said...

Oooh, the Welsh version!!! Love it!! Very interesting...thanks for playing along! Don't you just love waking up like that...with a bang?! Always fun. And I can totally see why you wouldn't want that joy on either.

I've had pregnancy "recluse" moments too...and the old wives' tale says that "girl" pregnancies are uglier than boy ones. But I don't believe it, b/c you are very pretty!! It's funny, because some of your facial features remind me of my mom. I guess I recognize a Pennsylvania-face anywhere!

Thanks for the tour!!

Jen said...

You look great! I plan on doing this soon. Maybe tomorrow?!

joy said...

motherhood has been good to you Dawn. you look wonderful! i might attempt this tag, but i am much much too lazy at the moment.

Melissa said...

These were great and what are you talking about, your beautiful. Loved the angle of the self portrait.

Rachel said...

I like the picture of yourself Dawn. You look great! Loved all the pictures you took of the house!

Anonymous said...

Ditto Dawn! You do have the "havin' a baby glow"! I never really had that!
LOVE the real life tour. I don't know that I am brave enough to do that! I would be so tempted to touch up! Maybe I will be brave and do it anyway! Hey Abbi, drop by the blog and see if *I look like a PA face*----but I am a transplant!! Have an awesome day!

Ellen said...

Good job Girl!! I loved seeing the boys sleeping. So cute!!!

I am Boymom said...

Your fridge is so clean! Now I have to go clean mine...thanks. Fun post, pregnant ladies don;t ever have to apologize for comfy shoes!