Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Day Older

Seth - Mommy, do you know today is your birthday.

Mommy - Yes, I do.

Seth - Do you know how old you are?

Mommy - How old?

Seth - Un deg wyth! (28)

Mommy - Really?

Seth - Yes. You're old now.

Mommy - Hmm. Thanks.


Joyce said...

Happy Birthday! Compared to me; you are young! Tyde gave my your blog address. I have been enjoying reading it.

Dana said...

Happy Birthday Dawn! Any big plans? I hope your boys are spoiling you rotten today! Have a great day!

Katina said...

Happy Birthday!!!

andria said...

Dern. I must be practically dead by now.

Happy Birthday!

Melissa said...

What a sweetheart. Happy Birthday! Your younger then me!

Dear Abbi said...

Hope your day was great!! Happy Birthday!!

4funboys said...

wow... I'm ancient!

happy b-day!

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday sis. This has not been a good week. Sorry I didn't chat. You need to chat me or call. We have to talk.