Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random Bits

  • In the past 3 1/2 weeks we have had 4 days of sun. Aren't you all just so jealous of our rain? lol!
  • It is hard to get my laundry dry with so much rain. I wash 2 loads a day. EACH DAY! Is this normal!?! The days of 2 loads a week are long gone. No room for slacking or my laundry quickly becomes a mountain. Which it is right now... :(
  • I had to take Seth's school trousers back today. I picked up the right size and never bothered having him try them on. Yesterday when he got dressed for school we discovered their hugeness. So a different brand, same size and they fit just like they should.
  • I measured Seth just out of curiosity. At 5 years, 1 1/2 months he is 42' tall.
  • Morgan fell down the stairs yesterday and has a lovely blue bruise on his forehead this morning. Hopefully it clears up before birthday pictures next week or he'll be looking abused.
  • Jason is still doing well. I know we have the answer, but pinpointing what exactly triggers him will be the difficult part. I found some noodles that are made of just brown rice flour and water. He's going to be happy for a little variety.
  • I've been moving furniture. Much fun for...well, just me really. Caleb does not share my enthusiasm for rearranging. lol! I took the dressers out of the boys room and put them in the drying room. I was tired of little boys pulling out every shirt in the drawer just to find the right one. So now I don't even have to walk two steps to put their clothes away...just take them of the drying rack and right into the drawers they go. Easy. I also switched our living room and play area. Pictures to come.
  • First day of school went really well. Jason loved going with Seth although he was a bit put out that they are not in the same class. They are 14 months apart in age but 2 years apart in school because their birthdays happen to be on opposite sides of the cut-off date. Jason forgot all about his claims of joining Seth today and went right into his classroom like he was suppose to. And, of course, Seth is enjoying playing with his friends again. He is such a people person and LOVES seeing people everyday.
  • I must start potty training Paul. I am so so so dreading it...

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