Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well, we are home. I have lots to share in regards to our holiday, but first I must put up Morgan's 11 month update. I missed it while Heather was here and I know you all are just on edge to find out what our littlest guy is up to now. :)

In reality, this is the only place I write down baby's firsts, so I want to record it while I still remember.

This past month brought big changes to Morgan's life...he was weaned. Twas not in my plans. My plan was to encourage self-weaning somewhere around 16-18 months. I put so much effort into stalling his solids. He was still nursing about 8 times a day and at 10 months his only food was a bit of rice cereal in the afternoons. But my big plans went ka-plooey in one short month.

After 2 weeks of very painful nursing, which I thought was soreness due to pregnancy, I discovered Morgan had thrush, which he so kindly shared with me. A few more days of pain and I decided I couldn't take anymore. He was weaned in a week. I was not ready and neither was he, but it had to be done. So he's been weaned onto goat's milk and his food repertoire has rapidly increased. He's a picky first.

He also had a horrible yeast diaper rash for the whole month. I didn't realize it was yeast until after finding the thrush. Then I connected the dots and ordered garlic oil from the health shop. After a week with no show I did some googling and decided to try tea tree oil. I bought some cream and it cleared up right away. I was so glad. He was a hurting little boy.

Three firsts:
  • Waving bye-bye.
  • Clapping.
  • Saying Dada.


I am Boymom said...

I love this age! They are learning and growing everyday and it is so fun to see them develop! Morgan is a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

11 months, where does the time go? He is such a cutie...what kind of camera do you have? Your pics are always so good.

Katina said...

Aw, so handsome! Sophia had thrush as baby forEVER and it was a major pain! She too got it in her diaper area. Not a fun experience...

Ellen said...

Yeah morgan!! We love you!!