Saturday, July 19, 2008

Final School Days

Yesterday was the last day of school for the summer.
Over the past 2 weeks Seth has had several fun school activities.


The play was a huge success raising over £800.00!!! I think everybody was shocked by how well the play went over. The kids worked hard and did an excellent job.

Seth was part of the choir. All of the children in the choir were also the orphanage children in the "asking for more food" scene.

They preformed the actual songs from the movie, but they were all translated into Welsh. It was pretty neat. I, at least, knew most of what what going on since I've seen the movie before. :)

The Zoo

The whole school took a bus and went to the Chester Zoo. For days before hand Seth was talking about how he was going to take pictures of the animals with his camera. He was so excited!!!

So on the day of we pack him off with his lunch, some spending money, a rain coat, and his camera. Well, apparently the teachers confiscated his camera as soon as they saw it saying they would take pictures for him. And being the good little boy that he is he didn't say anything about them.

But he did burst into tears as soon as he saw his dad. Crying because he didn't get to take any pictures of the animals. I felt so bad for him, because I knew how much he was looking forward to that. He did have a lovely time, although a bit shadowed by his lack of camera.

Sports Day

Seth came in second place in the bean bag toss and won himself a blue ribbon. Yeah!!!

He also enjoyed a sack race...

A bean bag balancing race...

A 50 yard dash...

And an egg-in-a-spoon race...

His downfall in the races against the other boys was having so much fun looking around watching the other kids he wasn't concentrating on what he was doing. That's OK...he has plenty of time to develop his competitive nature later. He won a ribbon and that's all he cared about. He had fun and was happy! :)


Jen said...

When do they start school again? Do they go to school year round there? They do in Australia.

We are gong to Salt Run Bible Camp in Martin's Ferry, OH. Its a church run camp, about 50 campers.

Melissa said...

Those are great pictures! Looks like a blast. That is so silly that Seth had his camera taken away. I don't see the harm in him taking pictures. Poor little guy.

Barbie Wilson said...

I guess school lasts a little longer over in Wales?! How old is Seth? He seemed to really enjoy his sporting events!

Yes, we will see Paula! She will be at my parents' party. I can't wait to see her again!

4funboys said...

great pictures...

looks like they had a great time.

Christie said...

Great pictures!! Looks like your boys had a great time (minus the camera trouble).
Hey I put a few of my favorite digiscrappping webites on my blog for you. I'll try to list a few more later.
Happy Monday!!

Dana said...

Dawn, I keep checking but you haven't updated....How's your dad doing?