Sunday, May 25, 2008

Misery and Victory

Allergy season has hit. I so *strongly dislike* this time of year!!! It zaps me of all energy, patience, sanity, thinking ability, will to live... Can I stay in my bed all day with the windows closed and the curtains drawn? Please? I am struggling to keep up with my four clinglings, the housework, the laundry, blogging...and, in fact, I am not. Don't pop over for a surprise visit...I will not let you in the door! :) We can have a nice chat outside where I will have sneezing fits and itch fiercely. HaHa. Such fun.

It is no secret that I have two challenging children. They are much more clever, brighter and quicker then I will ever be. They run circles around me...leaving me dizzy. So there are few moments when I feel that I have truly "won" as a parent. Don't get me wrong. I win...many times, but that is because I am the mother and not because I've outwitted them.

Today I outwitted them and it was great! Made me so happy! lol!

They were fighting over a toy knight...both saying they had it first...yadah yadah. I said to give it to me since they were fighting over it.

Then I said, "How about I cut it in half and you can each have a piece to play with."

The first said...Yes! Cut it in half.
The second said...No. Don't.

The second got the toy and oddly enough the first didn't complain. Parenting with the wisdom of Solomon.
Sweet victory.

Morgan chowing down on an apple
given by his daddy when his mommy was away.
Happy boy!


Wendy said...

We are feeling the effects of allergies over here as well and it's not fun. Great job on using the wisdom of Solomon!!

Dear Abbi said...

You are such a wise mother! And you ARE winning the battle by virtue of the fact that you are staying in it!! Keep up the great're doing a wonderful job as the momma to the four, little men that God has given to you! One day they will arise up and call you blessed. Until then...sound the battle cry. :)

Jen said...

What Abbi said was well put. I love your posts and the things you do with your kids. You're doing a great job, even if you don't think so!

As for your comment, I am hoping there will be more interesting things to keep me busy...a lack of CVS, Wal-Mart, and Cracker Barrell might drive me crazy!!

Anonymous said...

Dawn great idea about cutting the toy. I love when things hit me like that~ I know it is the Holy Spirit and Mother's intuition, plus all the praying I have been doing. My girls are constantly having issues like that. I pray one day they get over it and become the best of friends. Oh and about my pictures, they were done at Sears 2 years ago.

Ellen said...

You are a genius!!!! That was brilliant!!! I don't think I would have thought of that. Sorry about the allergy thing. I know how miserable that makes you.

Amie said...

Way go to wise Mommy! :D

I hear you on the allergies. I don't suffer, but my husband and one of my boys do.