Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Loved and Happy

Seth came home from school yesterday with flowers in his coat pocket. He found them in the playground. He was so excited and pleased with himself when he gave them to me. It was so sweet! Really touched my heart... This means that my independent boy, who was at school and playing with his friends, saw pretty flowers and thought of me. :) I feel loved!

Over the past month the suction power on my vacuum had nearly vanished leaving me with less then satisfactory clean floors. It was annoying me to no end...because everybody knows how annoying a vacuum that doesn't suck can be. I would empty the bag...give the filter a whack...nothing helped. Well, today I figured out that the filter actually comes apart to clean. (Duh!) SO...after cleaning about 1/2 cup worth of dirt out of my filter the vacuum is working as good as new! My floors are clean and that makes me happy!

Clean floors make Morgan happy too...


Jen said...

Yeah, I'll miss the CVS deals! We are planning to ship a container to Australia. We've just begun pricing. We hope to purchase our plane tickets in the next few weeks!

Amie said...

What a sweet boy! I dread the day when my boys see flowers and think of somebody else instead of me LOL

We have a dyson which really has kept it's suction just like they claim.

Cute pics! I'm going to look into those amber teething necklaces.

Simple Family Supper lady said...

Again, your pictures are WONDERFUL!! Your children are blessed to have such a treasure of memories to save this way!
Thanks for linking to my blog!