Monday, March 24, 2008

Sickness and Hearing Loss

The sickness is...Morgan, poor baby! :( It started Saturday night. He had a fever for a while, but now it is just cold-like symptoms. For the most part he is still being a happy little guy. Maybe its just from teething...

The hearing loss is...Seth, poor all of us! I realize that it is not any fun for Seth not to be able to hear, but it is also very frustrating for everyone else in the family. We literally have to shout at him in order for him to hear us. Jason doesn't understand and gets mad when Seth doesn't respond to him. Caleb and I are generally quiet people so all this shouting and noise is wearing on our nerves. Seth turns the volume for movies up to a ridiculous level so he can hear it and answers questions wrong because he can't actually hear what was said and answers according to what he thought might have been said.

This has been going on for months now. It comes and goes...gets worse and then better. We are currently at it's worst. A hearing test at school showed a slight loss in one ear, so he was referred to a clinic in town. Because the loss was worse and in both ears for the second test he is being referred yet again, to a specialist in the hospital. Unfortunately he will not be able to see the specialist for at least 8 months.

So, we have been searching online for what could possibly be the problem. The simplest and most common problem would be Glue Ear, more commonly known as a fluid buildup. This can last up to a year if left untreated. I have found several natural remedies that might work. Caleb is going to call our naturopathic doctor in the States tomorrow to see what he recommends. Hopefully something will work quickly and we have a hearing boy long before he gets to see the specialist 8 months from now.


Dear Abbi said...

Aww, what a sweet pic of your baby! And I'm sorry to hear of Seth's hearing loss. Hopefully it is all healed up long before that visit. I will pray for him (and you!).

RYC to my comment LOL :) - Annie and her family visited our church last evening and I was in the nursery. We started talking and after awhile she mentioned that she went to the same college that you and Ellen went to and I had figured out that she was about my age-ish by something that she said. So I mentioned that I had recently "met" some girls that she might know, and she did! Apparently she owes you (or is it Ellen?) an email. It sounds like they are very busy right now. Her son is so cute, but I didn't get a chance to meet her husband and daughter.

Sooooo...she tells me that you and Ellen didn't meet your husbands at school? So how did you meet?? Inquiring minds want to know. Someone (was it you or Ellen?) said it was an interesting story!

Jen said...

Dawn, have you heard of ear candles? You put these long wax tubes in the ear and burn the end and the wax from the ear oozes out. It is actually quite gross, but it really works. It also helps with colds.

Melissa said...

My litte guy Ben is sick too. He might be getting an ear infection also. I will pray that the glue ear is the only problem for Seth and that it can get resolved quickly. I have been dealing with something similar in my right ear too. I can describe it just like glue ear! I have been struggling to free that up so I can hear again like normal.

Amie said...

I hope his ear clears up real soon, how frustrating for everybody.

The boys look so cute in their Easter pic.

"U.P" ,btw, refers to Michigan's Upper Penninsula. It's where me and my husband grew up.