Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mold, anyone?

Last Sunday we went to church in Llanfairfechan. Never again! We've been paying for it all week. There was black mold in the Sunday School room. All of us except Morgan were in that room and all of us except Morgan have been sick all week.

By Sunday night Paul was walking through the house crying and wailing. Nothing could make him happy. I felt so bad for him. He has had a fever for five days. Poor little guy! He has lost weight least 4lbs.

Jason and Paul both have personality problems after being around mold. It makes our happy child, Paul, miserable. And it makes our semi-happy child, Jason, a little terror. It has been a rough week. They still are not back to normal, but since their health is improving I'm sure their personalities will follow.

We have been having all sorts of health problems for a while now. Then a few weeks ago we found black mold in our upstairs bathroom under the tub from a leak we didn't know about. We cleaned up all we could see and have been keeping the door shut and staying out of there as much as possible.

Things were improving. Paul's rash went away. We saw a happy, pleasant Jason, who we haven't seen in forever. I wasn't even sure he existed, but he does! He was here at our house for about a week!

Last week's mold episode sent us back to square one...

a rotten place to be.


Kathy said...

Oh no! We will be praying for you Dawn. Poor little ones. Hope they are feeling better soon. God Bless!
Love in Christ,

dnhtribe said...

Kraampa sees that Paul is very glad his rash is gone! Perhaps, though I am really seeing pre-rash Pics? Jason's hair is growing in well and still has his classic kiss pose, and that meditative moment considering his world, perfect. Seth, it looks like you really like your newest little brother. Morgan does have cute looks doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn ,
I glad everyone is a little better. I will give you a call on Tuesday, when I get home from work. Give the boys a kiss from grandma. Love you all and miss you.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi, we are keeping you all in prayer. I only have to worry about 1 person in our family with mold problems. I can't imagine everyone. Love to see all the pictures! Love, Ellen