Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Holiday, Part 2

Today we took a ride on the wonderful and oh, so coveted train!!!

Jason, true to form, balked at a new situation and was grumpy and glum-faced for the first half hour. I had a little chat with him to try to cheer him up. I asked him if he liked the train. He said, "No!" And the reason...This train is black. He does not like black trains. He likes white, red, blue and green trains. And to top it off the seats were red and he wanted them yellow. Poor little guy, it just about ruined his day. After a few cuddles he was able to get over his disappointment of riding on a black train with red seats. *insert rolled eyes*

The couple who shared our train car must have cringed when they saw us board. So much for their peaceful ride through quiet countryside...they were now accompanied by 3 boys who talk and move nonstop and a baby who was tired and didn't want to sleep. They went and found another car to ride home in. lol! That's okay. We paid for our tickets too. Well, actually we didn't. They were given to us, but someone paid for them.


Aunt Rachel said...

Hey Dawn! The boys look like they had a wonderful time on the train ride! Awww poor Jason, only he could be disappointed in the train's color *hugs Jason* They look so happy and smiley! =) The website looks great! You're doing a really good job! I love and miss you all!

Love, Aunt Rachel

Barbie Wilson said...

That sounds like fun! Trains are great no matter what age you are. Was the engine a steam engine or diesel? How long was the ride? My brother is a huge train enthusiast. I think it would be fun to ride the rails.