Friday, January 25, 2008

A New Car

Today all of us, except Seth, went to England to pick up a new (to us) car. The best thing about it...It's a SEVEN seater! We all fit in it! :) It will be so nice to go to church or shopping together without Caleb riding his bike and meeting us there.

After we strapped in our four car seats, Seth noticed that there was one empty spot. He said ... Is God going to pick us out another baby to sit there? ... HaHa!

It was a long day of traveling. Reminded me of how glad I am that Jason was not 3 years old when we were on deputation. He would have driven us CRAZY!!! He settled down about halfway there, but he sure was antsie when we first started out.

We found a garage in England to take the other car off our hands. So we didn't have to pay for petrol getting it back home when we weren't planning on keeping it anyhow. And I didn't have to drive back, which I wouldn't have cared for. I so glad that God provided for us to be able to get a larger vehicle.

I told Caleb it is the wrong color. All of our "good" vehicles have been some shade of red. The new one is green. But hopefully I will be proven wrong and this one will last us a good long time without any problems.

I will try to post some pictures over the weekend. Our laptop is on holiday in the states with all my picture editing programs. Caleb just put a new program on this computer for me, but I don't know how to use it yet. I have loads of great pictures to post too so check back soon.

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Barbie Wilson said...

I'm glad you were able to get a bigger car that fits your family. Now Caleb will get to enjoy all the great conversations that happen while traveling! Hope the car lasts a long time for you.
(SO, what are gas prices like in Wales?)