Friday, November 30, 2007

Deck the Halls

It looks like Christmas at our house. We've put up our Christmas tree. The nativity is on the piano. The stuffed snowmen and reindeer are scattered on the floor. And the stockings are hung at the fireplace. Let the festivities begin!

I like that this year we are not having a huge battle to keep our tree decorated. Seth and Jason are both old enough not to touch and last Christmas made a big impression on them. Last year we took down the tree on Christmas day after they opened their presents. Caleb and I were relaxing on the couch...not really paying much attention to them as they were playing with their new toys. They undecorated nearly the whole tree! So we put them to bed and took the tree down telling them it was because they would not leave it alone. When we pulled out the tree last week Seth said they were not going to touch the tree so that it would not be taken down.

I'm glad they learned their lesson. It was kind of disappointing to take it down on Christmas day...very abrupt ending to our Christmas season. Paul is at the age for touching, but he is really good about that kind of stuff.

Now I just need some presents to wrap. I love wrapping presents! And some snow...Snow would be nice.

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Barbie Wilson said...

So, you want some snow? Do you get snow in Wales? We have snow and ice here! It sure LOOKS pretty. Hope you get your snow!