Thursday, October 4, 2007

Welsh Class

My Welsh class started Monday. Oh, it is so tiring! And so far I have come home with a headache each night. Morgan is the star of the class. He has been an angel! I do get very tired of EVERYBODY looking at me though. They are really looking at Morgan, but since I am usually holding him I get included in their sweet smiles. I hope the novelty of having a baby in class will wear off soon. :)

There are 12 students and we have a different tutor each day. I was surprised to find another Dawn in the class. And guess where she spent 5 of her summers? I will just tell you, because you will never guess. lol! Honesdale, Pennsylvania! ...not far from where I grew up. What a small world!

Caleb is having a fun time with the boys at home. They are responding to Mommy's absence by being ultra whinny and crabby. It has been a long week for all of us. Caleb has been playing with his camera some while I have been away. It is nice to come home to see great pictures of the boys.

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