Sunday, September 9, 2007

5 Days Overdue...

9pm...I'm not for sure, but I think things are starting. I'm having regular contractions but they are like 20 minutes apart and don't last even a minute. Hoping to be holding my baby tomorrow. Going to try to get some sleep now.

*edit* 10:15pm

No, I am not sleeping. Contractions are now 5-6 minutes apart and there is no way I can sleep through them.

*edit* - By Caleb 12:35am

Midwives arrived. Never met them before tonight. They are very nice, but make Dawn nervous. I have sent the midwives to the kitchen and they are being very cooperative. Dawn is on the birth ball and is feeling well although her contractions are getting stronger and are about 3 1/2 minutes apart. She is using the TENS machine. We don't know if it helps, but she keeps using it. Dawn requested banana bread and it is in the oven now. The house smells wonderful!

*edit* - By Caleb 1:40am

Dawn has had her banana bread and has now moved from the birth ball into the pool. Midwives are hovering. I'm thinking about asking them to head for the kitchen again. Dawn seems to be doing well. Shouldn't be long, but we'll see. Contractions are very strong. Maybe I'll just have to let the midwives stay.

*edit* - By Caleb 1:50am

Things slowed down a little after getting into the water. Dawn likes the chatter. Midwives can stay.

*edit* - By Caleb 5:12

He's here!!! Everything went well. Dawn and baby are doing fine. Born 4:12am. I'll let Dawn update you on the rest.


joy said...


Anxiously awaiting and praying for you!

joy said...


Thanks for the updates. I checked often to catch all the progress.

Get some rest and enjoy your new baby.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Dawn. Can't wait to hear more and see pictures. Get some rest first though.

Dana said...

Congratulations! I look forward to seeing pictures.

Paula said...

Congratulations, Dawn! I cannot wait to see some pictures of my new nephew. I have almost three months to go, but I feel physically ready now!