Thursday, August 2, 2007

Midwife Appointment

I think I am in the clear. The boys are better and I am still healthy. So, Yeah! for me!
I saw the midwife yesterday. My glucose intolerance test came back very good. 7 is high and I was a 4...well within normal! I am 35 weeks and Baby is measuring at 37 weeks. She says he feels big, too. Guess I should dig out the 3-6 month clothes for him. lol! (Just kidding.) My blood pressure is good, too. With my others my blood pressure went up a bit in the end, but hasn't so far...happy about that. Baby is still in the head down position.

I will be seeing her every week from here on out. So I see her again on Friday. I will also be meeting the other 4 midwives who work the area. Now this part is really strange for me. If I go into labor during the day I could get any one of the 5 midwives that I would have met. If I go into labor at night I will get a midwife from a town 1/2 hour away who I will not have met. So, most likely I will get a midwife who is a perfect stranger! I don't like that at all. Maybe, we will call her after we already know it is too late for her to get here in time!


Anonymous said...

You are very brave to want to go it w/o a midwife. I was in a practice with 5 gyn's and you got whoever was on shift at the time. I personally didn't care as long as they got the baby

So how about a new belly shot??

joy said...

hey dawn...

yes, meg and i still keep in touch. she was married a year or two ago. her name is now megan corbizer. she lives in west virginia.