Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Meme

Four Jobs I have had:
**Cashier in a Mr. Z's grocery store
**Plate Maker in a print shop

Four Films I can watch over and over:
**Sarah Plain and Tall
**Sense and Sensibility
**Pride and Prejudice
**Ever After

Four Places I have lived:
**Moscow, Pennsylvania
**Downingtown, Pennsylvania
**4 years on the road
**Groeslon, North Wales

Four of my favorite TV shows:
**Little House on the Prairie
**Murder She Wrote
**Baby Story

Four favorite foods:
**Ice Cream
**Life Cereal

Four websites I visit daily:
**Baby Zone
**Ebay UK

Four places I would love to be:
**An allergy-free place....I know it's out there somewhere!
**On the beach
**My own house
**In recovery from childbirth!

Four people to tag:
**Everybody who looks at this blog has already been tagged! : )

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