Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Baby Clothes and Diapers

I washed the baby clothes today. I thought they looked so cute hanging on the line I just had to take a picture. Yes, I have a lot of sleepers, but I don't dress my babies in outfits until after 3 months or so...it is easier not to. lol! I do have newborn outfits because we got them for Seth, but he was the only one who really used them. He was my first and so I didn't know my preferences yet...sleepers and onsies!

We have cloth diapers ordered. I am so excited! It was half the price to order them in the States and have my mom ship them so that is what we did. We decided on Chinese prefolds to go inside Bummis Super Whisper wraps. The Chinese prefolds are suppose to be very absorbent and they were not very expensive. The cost went into the wraps, but even still with not buying disposables for 5 months the cost will be covered. Plus, the wraps are just so adorable! I can't wait for them to get here so we can try them out on Paul.

I love the birthing pool! It is so soft to sit in. The pool I used with Paul had a hard floor and hard sides. This one is like sitting on or leaning against an air mattress. I really like having the seat in it, too. We have it set up in our toy room for now and the boys have been "swimming" even though it has been in the 50's and raining here for the past two weeks.

I am glad we set it up early, because it has that new plastic smell which I am hoping will wear off soon. For the actual birth we will move it into a more sound proof part of the house. The toy room is a conservatory and you can hear everything from outside! :O


joy said...

WOW! Look at all that blue!

That tub is so neat! I can't wait to hear about your labor and delivery once it is all over.

Take care of yourself!


Chrissy said...

Ok you are so brave! Have you had all your kids that way? I would be scared....lol I want to hear about it too.